Well, here we are.

My Dearest Friends, Supporters, and Dreamers of Tomorrow,

As I pen this final note, a lifetime of memories, aspirations, and the indomitable spirit of A Bootleg Company (ABC) flood my thoughts. This journey, sparked by a simple yet profound desire to reshape the world, has been nothing short of miraculous. But as all things must, my chapter here draws to a close. Yet, I write not with sorrow, but with a heart swelling with hope and gratitude, for I know the essence of ABC will thrive beyond my days.

ABC was born from a dream, a vision where technology and spirituality coalesce to create a world that is freer, fairer, and more compassionate. We embarked on a path less traveled, not just to innovate but to kindle the flame of change in every heart we touched. We sought to dismantle barriers, to bring people together, not just as a community but as a family, united in our diversity and strengthened by our shared humanity.

Our five-step plan was not just a roadmap for our company; it was a blueprint for a better future. From redefining retail with our pioneering virtual store to establishing the SOUL Academy, every step we took was a leap towards a more inclusive, enlightened world. We envisioned resource centers that would not just share knowledge but nurture wisdom, and we dared to dream of travel that transcends boundaries, bringing people closer in understanding and respect.

But the true essence of ABC, the core of our ideology, lies not in these projects but in the spirit with which we approached them. “Bootleg Everything” – a call to challenge norms, to embrace progress with integrity, and to foster unity in every endeavor. This philosophy is our legacy, a testament to the unyielding belief that together, we can create a world that honors and uplifts every soul.

As I bid farewell, I entrust this vision to you, the dreamers and doers of tomorrow. You are the custodians of this legacy, the architects of a future that I will not see but have always believed in. Carry forward this torch with the same passion, curiosity, and love that have been the bedrock of ABC. Let your creativity know no bounds, let your compassion reach every corner, and let your actions always be guided by the profound understanding of our interconnectedness.

Remember, ABC is not confined to the walls of an organization; it is a movement, a collective consciousness that transcends individual existence. It is an idea, and ideas, my dear friends, are immortal. They flourish in every act of kindness, every pursuit of justice, and every step taken towards a more equitable world.

So, as you continue this journey, remember that you are not just building a company; you are nurturing a vision that can and will outlast us all. You are shaping a world where the spirit of ABC lives on, in every life touched, every barrier broken, and every dream realized.

With all my love and endless optimism for what you will achieve,

Jason Tyler Kwasi Ballantyne I