A 30-day plan for a soft market launch involves a structured approach focusing on pre-launch preparations, the launch itself, and immediate post-launch activities. Here’s how you can structure this plan:

### Pre-Launch Phase (Days 1-10)

**Day 1-2: Finalizing the Product/Service**

- Ensure the product or service is ready for initial user exposure.

- Confirm that all features are working as intended.

**Day 3-4: Market Research**

- Identify your target audience and understand their preferences.

- Research competitors and similar product launches for insights.

**Day 5-6: Marketing Material Preparation**

- Prepare promotional materials like website content, social media posts, and email newsletters.

- Create a press release for the launch.

**Day 7-8: Building Anticipation**

- Start teasing the launch on social media and through email campaigns.

- Engage with your audience, respond to queries, and build a sense of community.

**Day 9-10: Setting up Analytics and Feedback Channels**

- Implement tools for tracking user engagement and feedback (Google Analytics, social media insights).

- Ensure there are easy ways for users to provide feedback (surveys, contact forms).

### Launch Phase (Days 11-20)

**Day 11: Soft Launch**

- Officially open your platform to a limited audience.

- Send out the press release and launch-related emails.

**Day 12-14: Monitoring and Engagement**

- Monitor user interactions and engagement closely.

- Actively engage with users on social media and other platforms.

**Day 15-17: Collecting and Analyzing Feedback**

- Collect initial feedback from users.

- Analyze usage data to identify any issues or areas for improvement.

**Day 18-20: Adjustments and Tweaks**

- Make necessary adjustments based on feedback and data.

- Continue to engage with users and encourage them to use and explore the platform.

### Post-Launch Phase (Days 21-30)

**Day 21-23: Extended Promotion**

- Extend your marketing efforts based on initial responses.

- Consider targeted ads or partnerships if they align with your strategy.

**Day 24-26: Gathering More Feedback**

- Continue to gather user feedback.

- Plan for any additional features or services based on user demand.

**Day 27-29: Planning for Full Launch**

- Begin preparations for a full launch based on insights from the soft launch.

- Develop a strategy to scale up marketing and operations.

**Day 30: Review and Reflect**

- Conduct a comprehensive review of the soft launch.

- Plan for the future based on what you’ve learned and achieved.

Throughout this 30-day plan, maintain a focus on user experience and engagement. Your goal is to gather as much information as possible to refine your offering and ensure a successful full launch. Keep in mind the importance of flexibility; be ready to adapt your plan based on real-time feedback and observations.