To find out about open positions for elected public officials in the Ballantyne neighborhood of Charlotte, NC, you would need to refer to several resources:

1. Charlotte City Council: The Charlotte City Council is a key body that governs the city, which includes the Ballantyne area. You can learn about the council members, their roles, and potentially any open positions or upcoming elections on the City of Charlotte’s official website Charlotte City Council - City of Charlotte .

2. Board of Elections: The Mecklenburg County Board of Elections is a vital resource for information on local elections. They manage the election process within the county and provide information about upcoming elections, candidate listings, and district maps. For detailed information on open positions and the election schedule, you should visit their website Board of Elections | Board of Elections .

3. Elected Officials List: For a comprehensive list of current elected officials in Mecklenburg County, which includes Ballantyne, you can refer to the website. This site offers information about various roles such as council members, county commissioners, and other local officials My Elected Officals in Charlotte, NC 28287 | .

These resources will provide you with the most current and relevant information regarding any open elected positions in the Ballantyne neighborhood and the wider Charlotte area. To pursue any of these positions, you’ll need to check for specific eligibility criteria, filing deadlines, and campaign guidelines, which can typically be found through these official channels.